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Atlanta, GA


                When I started the business, I wanted to create a name that had a ring to it, simple and it had to be personal to me. I then started fiddling around with different names and would become frustrated knowing it couldn't  just be any sort of name. As I was growing up my friends would always call me "Tosh" (short for Tony) and it had always just stuck to me till this day. So I thought, "hmm, why don't I incorporate "Tosh" and my full name, Anthony Karanja." Subsequently, I took "Tosh", my first and last name initials to create what is now known as, TOSHAK !

                In the near future I plan on creating and releasing short films to get a more  broad understanding on Film and master it. I plan on one day owning my own studio warehouse here  in the states then later on broaden my business to my home land Kenya. This journey won't be easy but I am fully determined to live out my dreams!